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About Raw Instincts MIAMI

"Raw Instincts Miami is a small women-owned business specializing in providing healthy and easy-to-digest pet meals. The company is committed to educating pet owners on the importance of feeding their furry loved ones raw food to enhance their quality of life. The founder of the business, a passionate animal lover and advocate for healthy living, was inspired to start Raw Instincts Mia after experiencing the positive effects of feeding her own pets with raw food."

"Raw Instincts Miami sources all its products locally and in small batches, supporting local farmers and reducing waste from animal parts."

Scope Of Project

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The Challenge

Raw Instincts Mia faced several challenges in promoting its products to a wider audience. Despite providing high-quality pet food, the company was not generating the desired sales or exposure. The business had a limited online presence, restricting its reach and engagement with potential customers.

They needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase their online visibility, enhance their brand reputation, and drive sales. The lack of awareness among pet owners about the benefits of raw food also made it challenging to convince them to switch to Raw Instincts Mia's products.

After a detailed and thorough audit, our experts pinpointed several significant problem areas that required immediate attention.

  • Old-fashioned Design & Layout

  • Increased Bounce Rate

  • Increased Bounce Rate

  • Website Security Issues

  • Low-quality/ Spammy backlinks

  • Poorly Executed Keyword Strategy

Our experts shared these issues with the marketing team of Raw Instincts Mia and devised a comprehensive plan for achieving desired outcomes. The company quickly understood them and hired our services to solve all the technical problems with the website, their online marketing, and their target audience.








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The Approach

To help Raw Instincts Mia overcome its marketing challenges, we developed a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy, including a website revamp, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, and social media marketing. Here are some smart goals that we established before initiating our approach.

  • Increase website traffic: Our goal was to increase website traffic by at least 35% within six months through a combination of SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing.

  • Improve website engagement: 2.Our goal was to increase website engagement by at least 20% within six months by implementing a more user-friendly design and optimizing the website for search engines.

  • Boost sales: 3.Our goal was to increase Raw Instincts Mia's sales by at least 25% within six months through targeted marketing campaigns and by improving the website's overall user experience.

  • Establish brand authority: Our goal was to establish Raw Instincts Mia as an authority in the pet food industry within six months by publishing high-quality content related to pet health, nutrition, and the benefits of raw food.

  • Improve customer retention: 5.Our goal was to improve customer retention by at least 10% within six months by implementing a loyalty program and improving customer support services.

By establishing these smart goals, we were able to create a clear plan of action for achieving Raw Instincts Mia's business objectives. We continually monitored and adjusted our strategies based on the results we achieved, ensuring that we were always working towards achieving these goals. This approach allowed us to deliver measurable results to our clients and contribute to their overall growth and success.

The Solution

Experts at The Social Nerds applied these smart goals step-by-step to produce long-term engagement and fulfill clients' success goals. We tackled the business’ marketing challenges by conducting a website revamp. We made the website more user-friendly and visually appealing with clear product descriptions and high-quality images.

Additionally, we optimized the site for search engines by conducting extensive keyword research and implementing on-page SEO techniques such as title tags and meta descriptions. We also added a blog section that published high-quality pet health and nutrition content, establishing Raw Instincts Mia as an industry authority. The website revamp helped the company overcome its marketing challenges, generating significant growth and success by increasing its online visibility, engagement, and sales.

The Difference

As a result of our digital marketing strategy, Raw Instincts Mia experienced a significant increase in online visibility, engagement, and sales. Their website traffic increased by 250%, and their search engine ranking improved significantly, with many of their target keywords ranking on the first page of search results. Sales increased by 300%, and social media engagement increased significantly, with increased followers and customer reviews.


Raw Instincts Mia was more than just pleased with our work - they were absolutely ecstatic! They marveled at how we took the time to truly understand their business goals and needs and crafted a customized plan to help them succeed.

Our deep expertise in SEO and website design was a particular highlight, helping them improve their online visibility and reach their target audience with pinpoint accuracy. But what really blew them away was our laser focus on delivering measurable results, which helped them to increase their sales and quickly establish themselves as a leading player in the pet food industry.

Working with Raw Instincts Mia was a true joy, and we are so grateful for their enthusiastic recommendation to any business looking to take their growth to the next level.

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